PhD Candidate at RMIT University

Emma Jane Pretty

A small rainbow flag.

I am passionate about researching ways to improve the player experience. With a background in cognitive neuroscience and computer science, I believe that a multidisciplinary approach with a strong focus in validation of measurement tools is crucial to tackling the current gaps in HCI literature. My research looks at ways to use neuroscientific techniques and AI for improving non-player character companions in video games.


I have recently started the second year of my PhD under the supervision of Fabio Zambetta and Haytham Fayek in the School of Computing Technologies at RMIT University.

My research explores the intersection between cognitive neuroscience, machine learning and video games. It specifically looks at methods for improving non-player character companions through adaptive systems and psychophysiological data.

One area I am passionate about is the validation and evaluation of tools used to measure cognitive states during video gameplay. I believe the foundation that this research sits upon can be improved through the use of objective data and neuroscientific techniques. Additionally, I hope to integrate this research and these concepts into industry as a means of improving user testing during the development of games.

Prior work and research experience includes AR interaction design of a tool used to train new workers on a production line, and the exploration of individual biomarkers of performance of navigation tasks in VR.

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